14 May 2010

I Aint No Designer Label !!! I'm ME !!!

Are you feeling disconnected and estranged from yourself? Or have you forgotten who you are?  Perhaps you are not sure of both questions. I used to feel this way, until I decided to get to know my SELF.

I was so busy, trying to work my tush off, being the perfect mother, wife, fashion esquire! That eventually I forgot who I was. No wonder !!!
I was so busy people pleasing and keeping up with the rest of the world. 

My SELF had become extinct lost in the revolving door of consumerism, materialism, and the media hype.

The sad thing is that I didn't even realize that I was spiralling away into extinction.......I thought that all was normal and this was life! 

Until I truly looked into the mirror one morning and saw some stressed out individual looking back at me. I then stopped and studied, this face, I saw a monotoned, bleak,unfulfilled, distressed person looking back at me and I felt an instant rush of disbelief that this was my own reflection!

I realized I needed to re-evaluate MY life, 
and this was the hardest process. To let go of old ways, habits and thoughts.

These were so ingrained in me. I resisted, I made excuses, I bargained with myself, I procrastinated, I blamed!  

In doing this the process was hindered until I realized I had to take responsibility for my own thoughts, actions and pro-active changes.

Now I'm not saying this was an easy process. As I am one big multi-faceted gal and with so many facets to let go of and discover yet, I was on a major archaeological find.

I had to dig so deep and intensely it was at times so painful.

But you know like any great explorer with a passion for discovery, I was excited to be uncovering all there was to find and change. As I was on the best journey of my life. SELF discovery!

To this day I am still on this path and will continue to grow, discover and uncover, new facets of my SELF.

Encouraging all that is inspiring, loving, nurturing, abundant, positive, purposeful, creative, fulfilling, etc.

I am a one off exquisite masterpiece in progress....

I ain't no 'Designer Label !!!! 

I'm no longer listening to the hype of the money making machines of: TV, magazines and media enterprises. That continue to spew out endless ways to fix me, what to wear, how to feel, how I should look, whether I'm a great parent, wife, friend, whether I am successful in my life, workplace, my self image.

You know something I'm over it .. I am not a mindless robot, I am successful in all facets of my life, as I now realize that I'm doing the very best I can, and that in itself, is 'EXCELLENCE'.

Now, when I look in the mirror, I see a beautiful butterfly, free!  An individual, enjoying  life and all that it encompasses.

Living with the good and the bad. As this gives me balance and self challenges, without these, I would be living in a boring fixed state, not experiencing all that life has to offer me in MY lifetime.

Keep 'Creating The Love' in your life  .............
Sending much love to you Leanna
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