27 January 2010

Do Yourself A Favor And Believe In YOU

Do your SELF a favor and believe in you!

Everybody on this planet is an individual, we are all as different as our fingerprints.

We each see, hear, feel, touch and taste our experiences quite uniquely and yet some of us can still feel vulnerable enough to depend on advice from many different sources in our day to day life.

Without these sources ever really knowing you as an individual person and how you truly experience your day to day life, as 'you'.

I'm not saying that getting a second opinion isnt a good thing or getting advice in a specialist area such as your dentist. These are neccessary and you have the choice to pick and choose who you trust in these matters.

10 January 2010

Mistakes Can Be A Positive Thing!

We ALL make mistakes!
Mistakes are a process of life and the road to maturity.

It is how you look at mistakes that can make all the difference!

You can spend your time berating yourself, beating yourself up, shutting out the world, feeling guilty,avoiding situations or you can... THANK ...
your mistakes for taking you on a different journey in your life.

05 January 2010

~ The Joy Of Rain ~

Yesterday started as a hot humid balmy day, sweat was gently sliding down my brow. I am situated in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and summer here is quite tropical. My first thought was to moan about the situation as I tried to organize my day in the heat.

Then a sound from a distance sparked my heart and I lifted my head to the side to listen for it again. A few minutes later, I heard it, the sound of thunder.

I quickly looked out the window and to my delight, the cloud cover was moving steadily towards our area. The temperature started to drop slightly and that sense and smell of rain was starting to swirl around my nostrils.

Just as quickly my mood lifted and I was joyous in celebrating the arrival of the rain.

I called out to my two sons 5 and 6 to get ready to dance in the rain. They both squealed with delight and anticipation and were jumping all over the place!