27 April 2010

The Art of Pain

 I can remember when I was so filled with inner pain, that my insides felt like they were screaming and twisted. My heart was heavy and my breathing so fast and sharp, I thought I was going to explode!

Everyday seemed like a burden, just to perform medial tasks, or interact with other people. There was no such thing as joy and my outlook on life was bleak. Pain was my only friend. I would help pain out by providing a stick to keep beating myself up with.

21 April 2010

Talk To The Hand ... Back Off Negativity!

Does it mean I need to end relationships? Does it mean I need to throw my TV out the window? Does it mean that I need to wrap myself in cotton wool in order to avoid it?

No, deciding to create a more positive world for mySELF means I need to change my mind set. That inner voice that niggles at me from time to time, telling me that I'm too short, tall, fat, thin, not good enough for example. I need to say to this voice,"Talk to the hand"!

Leave Drama On The Stage, Where It Belongs!

Ive decided to leave drama on the stage where it belongs! Ive decided not to complicate my life by inviting drama into it, or even worse creating it myself!

Drama is such a waste of my precious time, not only is it time consuming, it is stressful, demanding and negative.

It masks the real issue/issues that need addressing, sorting and moved on from. What does drama truly accomplish?