29 December 2009

~ The Freedom of Forgiveness ~

"Creating The Love' Blog is going to be introducing you to a range of different and wondrous people, who are out there making a huge difference in the world, in their own special way.

Whether a writer, an activist, a volunteer, a stay at home mum or working for a cause, I will be presenting these stories here for you to read and be inspired by.

I am honoured this week to welcome our very first guest writer and a lady that is so very inspirational to so many!

Lauren Stone

Lauren Stone is a writer, poet, artist and dedicated human rights activist. She is an educator, intactivist, AP-Breastfeeding-Homebirth advocate. A lightworker and support group facilitator. She is currently planning to build an eco-community.

~ The Freedom of Forgiving ~
Throughout our lives our hearts are injured by the actions or inactions of others. It is easy over the course of time to accumulate a lot of negative feelings and thoughts towards those who have hurt us. These negative emotions hinder us in so many ways. They actually bind us to those very people for whom we harbor ill feelings.

Anger, bitterness, envy, jealousy, disappointment, hatred are all forms of emotional glue that keep us stuck to the person or people who we have these feelings towards.

So much precious time and energy is wasted stewing in our own juices, being pissed off, feeling sorry for ourselves, plotting revenge, wishing a runaway bus would run over the person who transgressed against us.

21 December 2009

Holiday Message From 'Creating The Love'

Wishing Everyone a Joyous holiday season!

This message is for everyone, from any religion, creed, color, race or beliefs.

This is a message of LOVE for you and your family as a special gift at the closing of 2009.

At this time of the year there is a great opportunity to 'Create The Love', within yourself as well as all around you.

You can personally start by trying to finish off any negative issues that came up for you in 2009.

Starting a personal negative cleansing ready for the new year ahead, letting go of anything that wont help you to move on. When you do this for yourself, you are making way for the new to come in to your life. This brings peace, harmony and balance, to be the for bearers for these new experiences ahead of you.

Why ‘Creating The Love’ Was Created.

I thought today I would try and explain briefly why the name, ‘ Creating The Love’, came about and its significance to me.

I myself have had many up’s and down’s in my life, like everybody else and yet I find that if you can turn bad situations inside out or see the positive in it, or perhaps see the lesson that is there for you, this helps you spiritually grow as a human being and find a better way of living.

I will give you an example; my grandson recently had a major heart operation and it was horrific for his parents and his family to see a 10 month old baby go through so much at such a young age. We were all very distraught, and emotional. A situation out of our control, whether he lived or died.

Welcome To Creating The Love

My name is Leanna and I am so happy to be presenting you with my exciting insight into Creating The Love.

How you too can ‘create the love’, in your every day life experiences!

How it is important to ‘create the love’ around you and most importantly within you.

I hope you will enjoy this journey with me and in some small way this blog can be a helping hand in your own self discovery.

Through finding out who you are and loving the inner source within yourself, brings self acceptance, radiance, joy, fulfillment, and positivity.