21 December 2009

Why ‘Creating The Love’ Was Created.

I thought today I would try and explain briefly why the name, ‘ Creating The Love’, came about and its significance to me.

I myself have had many up’s and down’s in my life, like everybody else and yet I find that if you can turn bad situations inside out or see the positive in it, or perhaps see the lesson that is there for you, this helps you spiritually grow as a human being and find a better way of living.

I will give you an example; my grandson recently had a major heart operation and it was horrific for his parents and his family to see a 10 month old baby go through so much at such a young age. We were all very distraught, and emotional. A situation out of our control, whether he lived or died.

Yet in this adversity, there was so much love surrounding this situation. People from all over the world were praying for him, sending messages of love to our family. The surgeon, doctors and nurses in the Intensive Care Unit were just the most magnificent and dedicated team of Earth Angels.

Miracles were happening daily and you really could feel the presence of LOVE being created all around you.

When our family was tired we would retire to the parents room, for a well earned cup of tea and sit and talk and mostly laugh to relieve the tension.

Now in this very room, I found the most amazing stories on the walls of previous patients, stories pertaining to ‘Creating The Love’.

One story in particular was a pinnacle of LOVE, and as I sipped my tea, I copied this story from one of the posters on the wall of the cardiac ward Parents Room, that inspired us.

This is the story of Joshua and Suzanne:

(Below a wedding photo reads), The thing about love is that you can find it in the most unusual of places, between the most special of people; Josh and Suzanne should be an inspiration to all that may doubt this.

Written below a wedding photo was this insciption:
Both with the same heart condition and both having cardiac surgery, the strength, the love they provided each other is evident in their eyes. Sadly Josh passed away in 2006, however his personality and character is remembered fondly by everyone who came into contact with him.

Suzanne’s inner strength has become evident time and time again, an admirable beautiful young woman, her friendship is valued by the people privleged enough to obtain it.

Joshua’s favorite quotes were then added to the bottom of the poster;
‘Im not here for a long time, Im herefor a good time’.

‘You are not responsible for the hand you have been dealt in your lifetime, but its always up to you, how you play it’.

Therefore with this story as an example, my family and I moved forward in LOVE together through this journey with my grandson.

I can always see the beauty around me, I listen and tune myself into these moments. You just need to tune yourself into, ‘Creating The Love’. Looking for these positives, makes it so much harder for the negatives to be of much significance at all.

For even in the smallest of things, look closer and one or all of your senses will pick up on the LOVE in all situations.

Keep ‘Creating The Love’, in your life .. .. .. Leanna

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