21 April 2010

Leave Drama On The Stage, Where It Belongs!

Ive decided to leave drama on the stage where it belongs! Ive decided not to complicate my life by inviting drama into it, or even worse creating it myself!

Drama is such a waste of my precious time, not only is it time consuming, it is stressful, demanding and negative.

It masks the real issue/issues that need addressing, sorting and moved on from. What does drama truly accomplish?

Addressing a situation in a more logical way, can cut through the situation in a more slim lined fashion. Who needs the bells and whistles to deal with as well? I  have enough to deal with in my life day to day as it is.

If you are a drama driven person, think clearly and honestly about why you are creating this in your life.Is it boredom? Lack of self-esteem? Or has it become a bad habit in your life?

Discovering new ways to deal with situations, or problems is a great start, there are some great resources on the Internet, such as: http://www.sepiaprocess.com/.

The saddest thing about being drama driven is that YOU miss out on empowering yourself. You cannot listen to your inner nature (self). How do you truly understand who you are and what you truly want in your life. I know that drama takes this away from mySELF and takes away my own self fulfillment.

I'm throwing off the shackles of drama  and embracing personal freedom, self empowerment, taking care of my own life and making my own decisions!

                     Keep creating the love in your life ...... Leanna

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