03 March 2010

~ The Gift of Love ~

When was the last time you shared the gift of love with someone? Do you see the potential in all people or do you just see their failures? Is your cup half full or half empty in your outlook in life? Does the word love only mean a deep personal relationship with one other? Or do you see love as a boundless gift that you share with many?

Love is a special gift that should be given freely and unconditionally. If love isn't given unconditionally it isn't given in the truth of love as 'Love' has no conditions. There are so many people ravenous and malnourished without love. Feeling neglected, lost and empty, craving love and kindness.

Some people are:
  • Suffering in pain, whether emotional or physical and need the support of love to soothe and heal. 
  • Are suffering anger issues and need love to encourage different choices to deal with their fears. 
  • Are intimidated and wounded need love to help encourage and empower them. Are lost in controlling all aspects of their life and need love to re-assure them that they are safe, with change and different outlooks.
There are some simple examples of giving the gift of love on a daily basis and some of these could include:
  • Your smile
  • Greeting someone with a friendly, 'good morning','afternoon', etc
  • Acknowledging someones effort
  • Comforting and being supportive
  • Writing a letter/card of appreciation, even as an anonymous sender
  • Being good company and really connecting with another person/persons
  • Moving forward in forgiveness
  • Being a great listener
  • A random act of kindness
  • A hug
  • Donate your time or money to a cause of your choice
These cost little or no money to give to another beautiful human being and yet start such a powerful positive chain of events.The impact of giving and receiving love is such a harmonious and positive balance in the world. Today we are bombarded within a more negative media screen, that doesn't encourage the full potential of a more balanced world.
Become your own warrior of renewal and start your own positive chain of events, by sharing your own gift of LOVE.

Giving love opens YOU up to such wonderful life experiences that touch your own heart and empower your own growth in being the very best person you can possibly be. You can be from any background color or creed. You can live in the poorest or richest part of the world and this same precious gift has the very same benefits. To enrich and uplift another.

Another important part of loving and being loving is to also give this freely to yourself, for if you yourself are enriched, you are able to exude and share this outwardly with your own special light.

For you are precious too! Remind yourself of this daily and keep 'Creating the Love' in your life .........

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