23 February 2010

~ Innermost Thoughts and Reflection ~

I will not be pressured by those who are selfish ..
I will not be suppressed by the subliminal media perfection ..
Nor those who use others for a one sided gain ..
I will not be judged by those who have not walked my path ..
Nor suffer from spite, bitterness or an animal hinged mind ..
I cannot lose my self worth or power unless I relinquish it ..
Nor can your lies rip the flesh from my bones ..
As my physical self is perishable ..
My soul will live on ..
I am grace .. I am love .. I am the tenderness of heart ..
I am beauty .. I am strong .. I am the full texture of art ..
I am a moonbeam ..
Warmly dancing on dappled grey skies ..
I am the tears of destiny that drop delicately from your eyes ..
I am Peace .. I am love .. I am breathtaking ..
I am beautiful ..
‘I am your innermost thoughts a reflection of YOU’ …..

Copyright Leanna Mackenzie © 2010-All rights reserved

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