23 February 2010

~ Quiet Contemplation ~

You are the gift of an aching heart filled with endless love,
So intense you could burst the riverbanks of my soul.
You are divinity within a glowing aura of truth, of warmth, of joy!
We join hands in the evolution of peace, together, as one.
Allow me to feel the depths of sorrow so that I can then bathe in the appreciation of love,
Allow me to taste the bitterness in order for me to know sweetness when it comes,
I must feel the polarized version of all that you have to offer me,
In order for me to be within the understanding of ‘creating the love’
For without you, without your wisdom, I am searching.
Your wondrous guidance to walk with focus, in light,
I am your vessel, humbled, gracious, empowered in LOVE
I shall freely share your gifts that you have given me,
In order for others to also be set free ..
Free as the beauty that surrounds us and within us,
Liberated in JOY … … …
Thank you creator of Love and Life

Copyright Leanna Mackenzie © 2010-All rights reserved

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