21 April 2010

Talk To The Hand ... Back Off Negativity!

Does it mean I need to end relationships? Does it mean I need to throw my TV out the window? Does it mean that I need to wrap myself in cotton wool in order to avoid it?

No, deciding to create a more positive world for mySELF means I need to change my mind set. That inner voice that niggles at me from time to time, telling me that I'm too short, tall, fat, thin, not good enough for example. I need to say to this voice,"Talk to the hand"!

I have one lifetime in which to live with inner peace and happiness and my life filled with love and positivity! Once I realize this, then the importance of my own existence becomes a realization.

Do I choose to live my life strangled with negativity's, or do I choose to live in the freedom of the inner peace of positivity. I know that living within positivity gives back to everyone I come in contact with. So in this, my lifetime becomes purposeful and exciting!!

Positivity has also been medically proven to be beneficial to my mental, emotional and physical well-being.

I feel alive and thriving when I am happy and positive. My breathing is more relaxed and my life flows in a more natural way. My lifetime becomes worthwhile and I have an inner glow, and of course a little bounce to my step!

Of course I cant avoid negativity, it is also apart of life, although I can choose what not to get out of it.

I have found that choosing positivity inwardly and outwardly creates an easier life flow. Positivity makes me feel so much better towards the outside world in all it's colorful array of influences!

I personally invite you to join me in sharing a more positive outlook in your lifetime!

Keep 'creating the love' in your life ...... Leanna

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1 comment:

Women Awakened said...

I'm so glad to have stumbled on this post...I share your sentiments, especially today.
I realize that sometimes, I need to give that nagging little voice inside my head a "talking to"...like disciplining a child. Firm, yet gentle. And suddenly, I find myself back in line, focusing on all the positive and wonderful things that I have set out to create in this lifetime.
It's amazing how just by changing the tonality with which we speak to ourselves inside our minds can create such a powerful shifts in our emotional states.
Great post!