19 May 2010

The Best Personal Workout - To Help You Shine !!!

This is a personal workout of mine, that I wanted to share with you, so you too can participate in, as many times a week as you like. This is not a physical workout .. No .. This is a workout for YOUR self.

To enhance your life, in order to be better for yourSELF, your daily routine and the people around you. To enlighten your spirit and encourage you to SHINE!! Are you ready?? .. Here we go !!

1. Look in a mirror and acknowledge what a miracle you are!  If you feel yourself becoming negative about this, exhale this negativity into the air and take a deep breathe in that represents only positive, caring , and warm thoughts. Again exhale all negatives out and acknowledge them leaving your body and never returning.

2. Acknowledge that there is no other person on this earth that is the same as YOU. So it is unnecessary to compare yourself to others. YOU are unique to this world, filled with your own beauty, greatness and success. Think about this clearly and realize that this is TRUE.

3. Take a minimum of 5 minutes of your day to either visit a special place, read your favorite book, meditate, take a bubble bath, listen to a favourite song or whatever it is that really and truly places you in a bliss state. This is a great way to rest your mind from the hustle and bustle of life. When you are in this special place, enjoy every moment. Switch off from any other thoughts except the enjoyment of this moment .. live in the NOW. If any other thoughts want to crash your OWN party exhale them out and breathe in the positive ones that you are only going to allow in this precious moment that YOU DESERVE.

4. Make contact with a friend or loved one, that you can truly be yourself with. SHARE with this person, whether with laughter, or perhaps something positive that you have experienced yourself, lately. Sharing, is a two way conversation, where both people are participating and being acknowledged. Both people are benefiting in some way from the experience.

5. Start a 'Positive Journal', in this journal only write about the positive experiences you have experienced in your day. Even if you only write a few each day. This still gives you a great reference to go to, when it seems that all is bleak and life seems hopeless.You know, 'one of those days', when you would rather jump back into bed and hide under the covers and not come out. This way while you are under the covers you can pick your journal up and read through the beautiful messages you have left to inspire yourself.

6. Buy yourself a meaningful present, as if you were buying it for your best friend. It doesn't have to be expensive, just meaningful. For example I bought my SELF a little notebook and a pen. These cost me less than $10.00, and now my notebook is filled with positive notes I have written down each day.

7. Positive affirmations are another great way to help yourself shine! If you are not familiar with affirmations, you can easily google affirmations and find out how inspiring they are.  I especially like to write some on post-it notes and stick them on my desk around my computer, so that I can view my affirmations throughout the day. If I am having a bad day, I quickly write the reverse of the situation and stick it right in front of my face. So that I can visualize the positive version.

8. Laughter - This to me is such an important key to a beautiful , shining , healthy you! 1 minute of Laughter has been medically proven to be the same as 6 minutes on a rowing machine. Laughter reduces stress, produces endorphins that make you feel great, relaxing your muscles and boosts your immune system. LAUGHTER is the best medicine and I recommend that you prescribe yourself daily.

9. Be true to yourself .. now this one might seem, even odd to you. Believe me how many times a week, do we begrudgingly do things that we really didn't want to do. How many times a week do we people please. How many times do we berate our self for being talked into taking on more than you should have. I have one word for this STOP !! Are you really being true to yourself? Are you treating your SELF with kindness and compassion? Learn to say 'No' if that is what you really mean to say.

10. Make yourself a vision board. These can be made with cardboard, or within your journal, or even an A4 piece of paper. This is something you can aspire to. Using cut outs from magazines, print outs from your computer, or just writing something yourself. Find inspiring pictures, words, scenes, places and cut them out and glue them on to one of the resources you have chosen, such as your cardboard etc. Make sure your vision board once it is finished, is placed somewhere that you can see day to day. By envisioning what you have put together, with positivity, a goal, an aim, or a place to visit, will be absorbed by your mind daily.

Positivity, just like negativity is practised daily, so why not change your mindset to SHINE!! Life will be a more peaceful and harmonious place to be. These are just some suggestions that I like to use as my personal workout and I hope that these might benefit you also.

More than anything just be the best person you can be to your SELF, so in turn you will be the very best for all those around you. Enjoy your SELF and SHINE.

Keep 'Creating The Love' in your life ......... ♥......... Leanna

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