01 June 2010

♥~ Place Your Heart In My Hand ~♥

We met beside a crystal lake
You said your heart was broken
Needing healing, to meditate
I lent over and whispered in your ear
Place your heart in my hand my dear
To lighten the heaviness of its load
I Bathed it in god's healing light
Renewing the energy, now aglow
I wrapped it tenderly in my love
Cradling, gently rocking it in my arms
Singing songs of joy and happiness
While you rested on the sand
I gently layed your heart to rest
Within your human vessel the chest
The tears that gently slid down your face
Now had a richer meaning in a better place
We stood up together side by side,
Holding hands within peace and harmony
Strengthened together to travel the next journey
Within LOVE ♥* A fresh start ♥* A new beginning

Copyright Leanna Mackenzie © 2010-All rights reserved

Keep 'creating the love' in your life ....... Leanna

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