11 September 2010


Note to self:  The past has gone, like a puff of smoke it has disappeared!

Finally the realization settles in that you are free!

No more wasting precious time, beating yourself up, going over and over the same mini movies in your mind, the what if's and if only's.

You are now the centre of your own universe!!  Capable of creating anything you wish, in your right now.

How spectacular this moment is, how spectacular you are in this inner freedom, how spectacular opportunities seem, when the path is clear and your mind uncluttered.

Be inspiring and inspire others by showing the people around you the precious gift you are.
Be aware of the endless positive choices, you can make right now. There is no waiting to delay these steps, change can happen right now in this very moment.

You are the master of your own destiny.

Open your heart to new experiences and G R O W. Open your eyes to open to all the beauty that you haven't noticed around and within you. Open your communication to express this new found freedom, boundaries and inner self. Balancing this out by really listening to those around you as well. Listening to their gifts and enjoying these new experiences.

Become a mighty explorer within your own life! What have you always aspired to do, seek, visit, learn, envision?

Start your exploration without fear and reservation; believe that 'you can'! Enjoy your experiences, no matter how hard the climb! The climb is usually the most rewarding through all adversities.

Be your genuine SELF, we are not here to compare, envy, or berate others; we are all a unique, individual gift in our lifetime. Believe in your SELF.. Love your SELF .. Take care of your SELF .. Be your SELF ..

Rejoice in the amazing individual that YOU are!

Don’t believe everything you hear, see and read, there are always outside agenda’s trying to influence you away from your SELF. Stay strong!

Remember true happiness is only achieved from within. Seeking outside of your SELF, for pleasures to fill emptiness, will never truly fill the hole of unhappiness a person feels.

Instead, start filling this hole with self nourishment, self love, and self fulfilment and feel true happiness radiating from within you. Creating inner love, peace, joy and harmony.

Remember to .. S H I N E. When you are shining outwards, extending your inner glow, you are contagious to everyone around you.

The most priceless accessory that you can ever wear is a SMILE. The most beautiful thing is to see a person smiling, and even more beautiful is knowing that you are the reason behind it!

Living in your right NOW, makes life so much easier, it peels away all the unnecessary baggage from the past and promotes a lighter and brighter being in you.

Creating a wondrous sense of self, with more confidence, a better mind set, the freedom to be in charge of your own destiny, and the knowing that perfection isn't purchased or practised. Perfection is already in your now. 

Most of all enjoy your SELF.

'Welcome' to your most beautiful destination, called 'You'

Leanna Mackenzie© 2010-All rights reserved

Keep 'Creating The Love' in your life  ... ... ... Leanna

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AnniJustBe said...

WoW!!! This is every thought I think & every feeling I feel!!! Thank u so much for putting my thoughts into words! God always has a way of making Himself heard! Truly Grateful!!! Love & Light!!! =))

Butterfly in the Plaster said...

Thank you for the text that fires the heart and reveals the truth of the light. Though my Butterfly was in plaster but your words enabled him to raise up once again - to continue to fly on the wings of the gratitude. You put the colors of human heart in plain words to ease the sharing of the dreams that awake us all.

Creating The Love said...

Thank you for your wondrous comments. I am so happy to be sharing my heart with yours!
Keep 'Creating The Love' in your lives, and please join up and follow my blog. I have added to your blog 'Butterfly in Plaster', as you are very inspiring yourself!

Toyin O. said...

Lovely post.