02 December 2010

Visualize The Key To Set You Free

I wonder how many people would really participate in setting themselves free? If today right this minute you were handed a key to free all the self imposed chains that you have placed upon yourself?

What? I hear you asking! Well, we are all to some degree self imposed prisoners of life and our beliefs. We place barriers and limits on ourselves every single day.

If you were to able to see these invisible chains such as; self doubt, hatred, endlessly following media trends, media brainwashing (how to look, feel, and live YOUR life), comparing yourself to others, fear, guilt, self loathing, and trying to accumulate the multi billion $$$$ dream.

These are just a few of the many chains that we can place on ourselves and I'm sure you know the chains that you particularly place on yourself day to day. Perhaps today if you have a little spare time, write down your personal chains. You may be surprised by what you are dragging around with you.

Now back to the first sentence in this article. If you were given the key, today, right now, would you unlock and unburden your SELF from these unnecessary weights you place within your one lifetime?

Would you like to feel that freedom? Your raw SELF? You, without guilt, without the pressures of these chains. Perhaps it is time to let go and feel and trust your real SELF.

I am guilty of this myself, and I suspect that some people wouldn't be able to unlock all their chains. It becomes a way of life.

Today, try like me to visualize each negative trait that you carry as a chain around yourself. Now visualize you have been given the key, each time you feel a chain burdening your moment. Use your key to unlock the chain and FREE yourself and live in your NOW, as the past has gone, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet, only right NOW matters.

Imagine the possibilities that the real 'You' is capable of, once free to experience your SELF without the weight of these chains.

'Create the love' in your life today ......... Leanna

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SoulMate Coach Crystal said...

This is absolutely beautiful! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It is so much easier to sit back and allow others to tell us how we should live our lives and then blame them for our unhappiness. It takes great courage to want to find the key, let alone actually be free. Thank you for your post.

Creating The Love said...

Thank you for your beautiful comment Soul Mate Coach Crystal. The only way to set yourself free is to do it yourself with much inner love. The key is to search within, nobody else is like YOU, so within your uniqueness, create, create, create! Keep 'creating the love' in your life!