18 August 2010


Judging others is such a time waster! Judging others situations or peoples choices overlooks what is real!

How can we truly understand another person, without firstly living that person's lifetime? Tread in their precious footprints?

We need to be more understanding and be more open to other people's choices. As we are all individuals, and we all live our lifetime journey differently. So therefore, what we believe is right, doesnt neccessarily mean it is right for anyone else. We are here to support and love one another, not to judge or push our point of view.

We are all beautiful beings, who are all journeying together in our lifetimes. We need to celebrate our uniqueness! We are all an amazing kaleidescope of differences that make up one extraordinary world.

I have an example of pre-judging someone else that I experienced. When my children were younger, every Friday we used to bake small cakes and take them down to a local park and hand them out to the homeless.

We got to know all these precious souls, athough, one particular man called 'Walter' I still think about to this day!

Walter's story was, he had travelled the world many times, he was an engineer of a large worldwide company, he was highly regarded by his colleagues and friends, making loads of money and happily married with children. In his own words he said he had everything!!

Until the day his beloved wife of 34 years died of cancer. Walter was unable to cope with his workload and express the extent of his grief to his work colleagues, so he left his workplace. Walter was also unable to express the extent of his grief to his friends or family, so he walked away from them also.

He said that his family, were not used to him being a sensitive soul and couldn't cope with his heartbreak. So he took the burden off them, by living on the street, leaving all his wordly posessions and home for his children to enjoy.

Walter tried to cope with his grief and  loss by numbing himself with alcohol, and walking the streets alone.

It could be easy to judge Walter and the other homeless people, as we have no real idea, who these people are, or their journey, or their heartbreak. Sometimes it is easier to judge a person, than to take the time out to get to know them, or understand them.

Walter was an amazing human being, highly intelligent, he had had an amazing life, and loved his wife with such a passion. When he talked about her, his face lit up, and for a brief moment it was like he was with her once again.

His role in his life was to be the competent engineer, in his workplace, the pillar of strength and bread winner to his family and a strong social/networking centre to his friends. He could no longer live up to their expecations and felt he was a failure, as his grief became a sign of weakness.

I learnt a lot through Walter, I am very thankful for the short amount of time we shared together. One Friday though, we came to the park and Walter was gone, my heart now ached for him, I never saw him again.

Walter was not suffering from homelessness or alcoholism, he was suffering from a broken heart. A beautiful gentle soul! Who felt, by expressing his gentle, sensitive self, he was now a failure. He felt he had lost everything, including himself. Such a shame that he didnt see the strength, in his gentleness, in his soul... I did.

This article is dedicated to all the gentle, souls in the world. SHINE!!

Leanna Mackenzie© 2010-All rights reserved

Keep 'Creating The Love' in your life  ........................  Leanna xox

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Eddie Zacapa said...

Yes...if we would only follow that advice,"Do not judge." When we judge we automatically create an enemy image of others or ourselves. We an no longer see the beauty in people.