19 July 2010


Deciding to make changes in your life requires an honest look at what in your life needs improving and then organizing new ways to achieve these goals.

Change isn't always easy, especially if you are unsure how to embrace a new outlook in your life. Change can seem frightening as you have never trodden these new path's before.

Sometimes requiring you to 'let go' of old ways and thought patterns. You may need all your inner strength to keep believing that you are making these positive changes to enhance your life.

Here is a selection of some ideas that I have been using in my life:

I start by writing a list of changes in my life that I would like to create. Right  from this very moment to a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goal. Prioritizing from the most important goals right now to my long term goals. 

BEING REALISTIC - What is truly achievable
This is important, if you set yourself unrealistic goals, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Something like, everything in my life will be fine by tomorrow is completely unrealistic. Getting back on track may take some time to complete. Although changing your mindset to a more positive outlook can be achievable right now. Within this very moment! This is an achievable goal!


For those that have not heard of a 'Vision Board' it is a series of positive words and images that you glue together as a collage on a piece of paper, or piece of cardboard for example. This is placed in a special place either in your home or at your work place as a visual positive reminder of what you would like to ultimately achieve.

The use of positive affirmations is a technique to change that negative self-talk into something more positive. Here is a video to watch as a great example of daily positive affirmations, please click here to view 

When you believe in YOURSELF .. this is a magnificent, peaceful and abundant place to be. Your life becomes clearer as you no longer need to seek outside influences to help you make decisions. You are no longer over stimulated by trends, negatives, confusing theories, other peoples opinions, etc. You believe in who you are as a person and what is honestly best for you in your lifetime.

Positive books can be inspiring for change. There are actually quite a few to choose from. You can find books that are suitable to your situation either online: at Amazon Books or at your local retail book store

This is just a brief outline of the benefits of laughter in your life:
    * Laughing helps to motivate and release positive energy.
    * Laughter helps to reduce feelings of grief and depression and create a sense of well-being.
    * Laughter helps to strengthen the immune system.
    * No matter how negative you feel, laughter can uplift your emotional state to a very positive level.
    * Laughter therefore helps create the positive mindset that you are looking for in order to keep going with your new life goals for positive change.

As you achieve each goal from your list, regardless of how big or small, celebrate your achievements! I have made a personal growth chart, which I have written all my goals on. As I achieve one, I write in a beautiful Gold Marker the word 'ACHIEVED' in big letters next to it. I also collect scented candles, so with each goal achieved, I purchase a different candle. Each candle, costing around $5.00, so very inexpensive, and each representing a personal goal achieved.

Asking for help from someone you trust, like a good friend, family member or  a health care professional is another wonderful option if you are finding it hard to re-build your life. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, actually it is a sign of strength. This shows that you are able to reach out in order to make change. We were not born with a life manual, so it is great to get some advice, guidance and tips to help us along our life path when needed.

I hope this article may have helped you in some way, to kick start your 'new life goals', to a positive change.

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Keep 'Creating The Love' in your life ...................... Leanna

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Evelyn said...

The perfect soup for the soul.. how I will sip from it and feel its warmth cover me in comfort.. Yes the ingredients for the perfect soup! evie

Eddie Zacapa said...

What a great acronym!

Creating The Love said...

Thank you Evelyn and Eddie for contributing to 'Creating the love' I appreciate your comments.