15 February 2011


When a ripple of love finds its way to you, it is because you sent it out in the first place and now it has returned to you.

Always accept love with your arms wide open, hold it and nurture it, until it is your time to pass it along and share it once more.

We are never sure where the source of love will come from or perhaps sometimes where it will be received. Knowing this, never be saddened if your love is not returned from a particular person, or situation, as you will find it will be returned to you from another source.

When you do receive a precious ripple of love accept it, nurture it, heal with it, find inner joy with it, strengthen with it and wear it as an armour of courage and know you are not alone.

The best ripple of love is to give to yourself, nourish YOU, be kind and gracious with yourself. Once you are fulfilled, you are a beautiful light of love radiating outwards to gift others.

You become a blessing not only to yourself, but to others, not only human lives, animals and of course mother nature.

Each precious footprint, each tear, each smile, touches another in some way. In each of these precious moments there is a beautiful realization of the preciousness each of these represent.

Remember there is never a wrong or right moment, we are here to learn, to experience, to love, to share and GROW.

The ripples of love you receive are also apart of your interaction with your beautiful self, and the giving of your self. See how truly wondrous you are! Invite love into your heart today and instantly light up your life with joy and magnificence!

Keep 'Creating the Love' in your life  .... Leanna
(This is written for and dedicated to Kara Engel)


Daryl said...

Thank you Leanna for just being you.

May Kara find her way through to her next plane of existence and continue with her beautiful light.

Creating The Love said...

Kara's light already reached the other side of the world. I am so sure that her beautiful light is now universal and beyond. Thank you for your comment Daryl sending much love to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

That was a beautiful message. My name is James and I just learned of Kara's passing. I was Kara's little step brother in the 70s & 80s. I always remember her ( and her bro & sis) fondly.

Creating The Love said...

Hello James,

You are very lucky to have such beautiful memories and best of all time with Kara. Cherish these memories and hold them close to your heart. Thank you for leaving a comment. Keep the love burning brightly!


Tomas said...

Creating the love is the sharing of the love. I am so happy to come here - to enjoy your perfect blog and to be healed by the words of the deepest wisdom I found here. Best wishes from your fan, from the grateful Arthiker

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