31 August 2010


Suppress, suppress, suppress .. Or .. Express, express, express
Which way do you think is happier and healthier for you? Which way do you think enhances your daily well-being? You may have never really thought about whether you are suppressing or expressing,. I didn't until I decided to participate in my own self journey. Take a moment and think about how you are dealing with your day to day situations.

My new motto for this week, which I have plastered over the top of my desk is 'EXPRESS AND FEEL YOUR BEST'. Now I guess some of you maybe thinking I mean laughing out loud or singing wildly, or crying out loud, (especially if you know me personally, as I can be quite child-like at times .. giggling).

Actually, what I do mean is, as emotions rise to greet me, I am willing to acknowledge them and let them flow. No more suppressing them, swallowing them, hiding them, or putting them away for a rainy day. I guess I am ready to deal with my emotions at last and release them and bid them farewell. Not to be resurrected at another time. Gone, dealt with and moving on.

As I have been peeling off the layers of my grief I have been reminded once again of the beautiful blessings, of my forgotten gifts. The true essence of who I am.

My initial phase of staying strong  throughout my marriage breakup and remaining brave, for myself, my children and my sanity has served it's purpose and I am grateful for this innate survival instinct to help me to arrive at this new destination point.

Although change can be scary, I am really enjoying these new changes taking place. Especially as it has been such a dark tunnel and I am finally seeing the light glimmering, just over there!

Another reality check I have had to deal with, is even though I have been growing within myself, doesn't mean everyone around me is growing with me. In a previous blog I discussed that we are all different in how we deal with situations and we are all on different life journey's.

Knowing this is helpful when we are dealing with each other throughout our lifetime. My growth to a few friends, who have known me and viewed me in a certain way or role in their life, have not understood or accepted my change. I have also had to respect and accept this.

It has been sad to lose friends. I have also had to grieve over the loss of these precious souls who were once a part of my life. I absolutely wish them the very best in their lifetime and I will always have a place for them in my heart.

The most important thing to remember in this whole process, it has been necessary for my SELF to heal and achieve balance and harmony once again in my life. My goal now is to open up to all possibilities that are available to me now, whether it is just a simple SMILE on my face, connecting with other beautiful souls, enjoying the true essence of nature, relaxing and enjoying my own company, socializing with friends and new friends yet to come into my life. Simple things, yet inspiring and nourishing!

I would like to thank my tears which have been treasured gifts. By allowing my tears to flow helped to release my pain step by step into this next phase of letting go (which has been the hardest).

The wondrous outcome though is the next pinnacle of healing and inner GROWTH. This is definitely the most exciting phase. I feel child-like in this phase - learning, seeking, growing, discovering, rejoicing!

Lastly, I wrote for this for myself as a reminder to release, to express and I would like to share it with you:

" If you need to cry, allow your tears to flow. Your tears are a beautiful spiritual wash for emotions that need healing. Every tear is a step closer to the new growth they are leading you to!
Release .. Let go .. and GROW !! "

 I'm starting to bloom!

Leanna Mackenzie© 2010-All rights reserved

Keep 'Creating the love' in your life .... .... .... Leanna

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