22 June 2010

~ Be The Driver - Of Your Own Destiny ~

Be the driver of your own magnificent life!
No-one else has the same destination .. 
Therefore do not give up your path .. 
Let your ups and downs be the street lights guiding your way .. 
Allow the speed humps to take you on the next journey ..
For over the top of the next hill may be a wondrous valley of LOVE that opens your life blossoms .. 
That sing with the wonders of nature .. 
Never be tormented by your challenges .. 
They are blessings in disguise ..
Go forth in the honor of your gift of life without fear ..
As love is eternally yours ..
No matter where you are on your journey's way!!!

Leanna Mackenzie© 2010-All rights reserved 

Keep 'Creating the Love', in your life ......... Leanna.

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